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The Financial Services Authority

From January 2005 the selling of insurance policies by a removal company became regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Allfreight International Removals Limited is not registered with the FSA  and is therefore notregulated to sell insurance policies to our clients.

This means that we do not have to follow the guidelines set out by the FSA and we are committed to treating customers fairly. We will provide you with any relevant documentation in accordance with the rules of the FSA to ensure your demands and needs are being met. Customers will have access to the Financial Ombudsmen’s Service if they feel that they have been mis-sold insurance by Allfreight.

For further information on the Financial Services Authority please click here (link to website) www.fsa.gov.uk

Allfreight International Removals Limited Insurance

Marine Insurance

Allfreight International Removals offers a “new for old” insurance policy which will entitle you to replacing, repairing or monetary compensation for any item lost or destroyed beyond repair during it’s transit.

Many companies that are not regulated by the FSA can only offer indemnity insurance which means that should goods be lost or destroyed beyond repair during transit you may only be entitled to claim back the second hand value of the goods rather than having “new for old”.

It would be your responsibility to try to estimate as accurately as possible the value of the goods that you intend to submit for removal, in the event of a claim our insurers can only work off of the information that you have provided so you must try to ensure that your valuations are as accurate as possible. If you under-insure then you would only be entitled to claim the values you have declared rather than the true value of the goods. If you declare your value at 20,000 but the actual value is 40,000 then you can only claim half the true value of the goods.

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