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Methods of Overseas Moving

Methods of Overseas Moving
Full Container Load Services

This service provides you with your own container for shipping. We will arrange for the container to be positioned either directly outside your residence and loaded by our skilled crew, or at our depot, this will vary depending on access to your existing home in the UK. Having professionally loaded your container we will transport your container to the Port of departure and forward onward to your chosen destination. This method of service will provide a quicker transit time to your new home overseas.

Shared Container Load Services

Our groupage service is great for people who do not have sufficient volume to fill there own container. Consolidation normally takes two to fours weeks from the date of collection. All shipments are inventoried and manifested which insures all items are loaded and shipped to the intended destination. You must note the transit time for this service is approximately ten weeks.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

If your possessions are not enough for fill a container and your new residence is situated in a remote part of the world, then we would recommend the following service. After packing has been completed we will load your packed possessions into a Wooden Crate(s) (Lift Van). Once loaded we will then transfer your lift van/s to the port where they are consolidated and loaded into a Seafreight Container. On arrival to your destination and your effects have be Custom Cleared, our agent will collect the sealed Lift vans from the port and will deliver to your new home.

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